A solid, measurable Return On Investment

We find it amazing that companies who spend massive amounts of time, money, and people to improve customer experience across their business’ touchpoints, all too often miss giving the appropriate attention to their voice channel.

Industry analysts report in North America, voice still accounts for over 50% of customers’ interaction with customer service organizations. Add in speech enabled self-service and proactive outbound IVR, and the voice channel percentage remains a major part of organizations’ customer interactions.

Do you know what the top three customer experience negatives are? We do. And we know how to help you understand your customers’ perspectives and correct the treatment that you are likely putting them through.

When was the last time you didn’t grit your teeth when thinking about having to call a toll free number to ask for information or assistance as a consumer? And even more important, when was the last time you called your own organization and truly understood what your customers are experiencing?

We are not bashful about talking of the horrible state of customer experience in the voice channel. We engage with voice services vendors to push everyone in the voice technology community to do a better job. The VoxPeritus team publicly asks tough questions like “Rotten IVR deployments, why do they exist?” while challenging IVR developers, Voice User Interface designers and voice technology vendors as to why they can’t point to very many highly successful self-service voice applications and customer pleasing routing experiences.

We can point to our own designed applications that have extremely positive ROIs while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Our secret? “Less is more.” We look forward to sharing these common sense approaches to excellent customer experience with you.