SJS Solutions joined VoxPeritus in a partnership to improve employee knowledge and engagement within support and sales organizations.

SJS Solutions is a global leader in contact center communications and their clients include some of the world’s most recognizable brands, all with long histories of excellent customer experience.

SJS Solutions’ architecture is very network friendly while providing business unit friendly administration. Their solutions are welcomed by both IT leaders and business leaders.

SJS Solutions’ CEO, Stephen Pace and VoxPeritus’ Managing Director, Kevin Brown began working together at TNT Express Worldwide.  Kevin led TNT’s Global Service Quality while Steve led TNT’s Customer Service. They were very early leaders in adopting customers’ perspectives in designing organizational processes.  It wasn’t called Customer Experience at the time, but their efforts certainly followed all of the key components of today’s Customer Experience philosophy.

Please take a look at SJS Solutions’ Optymyse offering. Together we will protect your brand equity and improve your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Do your employees think your contact centers are boring?