Customer Experience Improvement Services

VoxPeritus brings strong brand management knowledge, coupled with years of customer experience improvement skills in contact centers’ multiple channels. We work closely with your marketing team to clearly understand your organization’s current state of brand management across all channels, and then partner with you to align your contact centers’ multiple channels to appropriately reinforce your brand. We have experienced and corrected customer experience faux pas from the ridiculous (Ozzie Ozbourne blaring “Crazy Train” in a complaints hold queue) to more subtle queue message mistakes of telling the customer how valued they are, and stating the web site address to suggest using it as an alternative channel.

Our Customer Experience technology partnerships provide us with leading edge means to quickly and cost effectively produce metrics of IVR and Routing current state performance. We can begin gathering meaningful metrics within hours! Of course, you will also want to measure post-implementation performance to support Return On Investment goals and provide a baseline to measure future performance. It has been our experience that meaningful metrics can persuade executive management to open up the purse strings to fund your customer experience improvements over time. Furthermore, focusing on improving customer experience across all contact center channels frequently creates a lasting strong bond between Marketing and contact center management. This bond improves communications between teams while fostering a partnership between Marketing and customer facing contact center management.

Advisory Services

Being a business leader is a tough balancing act: cutting costs, managing risk, delivering value. Managing that balance drives better performance, but at times, makes you feel like a high-wire artist performing all alone with no support. And to complicate your ability to maintain that balance, the marketplace is full of revenue driven vendors whose main goals are to sell more of their technologies, with little consideration of Return On Investment and your customers’ experiences.

The delicate dance between using standardized solutions and tailoring to fit your specific needs should take the lead from your organization, fueled with facts. As your advisor, we are independent and are aligned with your goals. We offer impartial advice gained through our significant industry experience as end users, P&L managers and as Architects with global responsibility for design and implementation of voice architectures.

Too many sources of information are providing pat answers to business challenges with little to no consideration of distinct organizational characteristics. One example: given the current buzz, do you believe that the “Cloud” is a panacea for all that ails your organization? It’s hard to believe otherwise according to popular business media. Several members of our team have been inside the “Cloud” as Architects and understand the negatives along with the positives. Does hosting provide the ROI and benefits touted by vendors and popular business media? It seems that there are two camps: for or against, when reality is that it depends on your organization and situation. We can help you intelligently step through the process of what makes sense for your organization, and help you save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in CAPEX and OPEX.

VoxPeritus’ Advisory Services will assist you by bringing our twenty years of multi channel contact center experience to:

  • Current State Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Solution Design, including architecture, call flows, and IVR applications
  • Sourcing and Outsourcing Decision Making
  • RFP Generation
  • Program Management
  • Post Implementation ROI Analysis
  • Best Practice Testing and Continuous Monitoring of Supporting Technologies