VoxPeritus Partners with GM Voices
Caller Experience Experts and Leading Voice Branding Provider Team Up to Deliver Customer Voice Channel Solutions to Fortune 1000 Corporations
Phoenix, Ariz. (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

VoxPeritus, the Voice of Experience in caller experience improvement services announces its partnership with GM Voices, the world’s largest producer of professionally-recorded human voices for automated technologies. The two companies will work together to engage with Fortune 1000 companies to provide brand protecting insights for their voice channel, coupled with professional voice talent and voice technology expertise.

VoxPeritus’ Kevin Brown/Managing Director has a long history of working with GM Voices as his preferred professional voice partner, and look forward to continuing the relationship through this partnership. Kevin Brown, Managing Director of VoxPeritus commented, “Marcus Graham is a trailblazer in raising awareness of the importance of protecting Fortune 1000 companies’ brand equity through the voice channel. VoxPeritus passionately shares Marcus’ convictions, and our partnership truly is based in a perfect match of belief that the voice channel will continue to be a significant customer touch-point of every organization, and one that is all too often ignored as affecting brand equity.”

“This is going to pay real dividends for VoxPeritus clients,” explained GM Voices Founder and CEO Marcus Graham. “Kevin and Tom each have formidable track records in voice automation, speech and call centers solutions. In the past, too many companies turned their important end-user customer relationships over to voice automation to lower their costs. And too often, poorly designed systems alienated customers! VoxPeritus is uniquely qualified to incorporate high-quality, brand-centric caller experience best practices into every link in the voice channel. GM Voices is pleased to be a part of the team with its voice actors (1,000+), languages (100+) and production services. The brand, the user experience and the bottom line are forever linked.”

About GM Voices
Since 1985, GM Voices, Inc. has emerged as the global leader in professionally‐recorded voice, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide. Dozens of voice actors record in their studios each week, providing clients a consistent voice for any application. More than 100 languages and dialects are offered. GM Voices invented the term and concept of Voice Branding, a voice experience consistent with a company’s brand image.

About VoxPeritus
VoxPeritus was founded April 2012 to provide voice channel brand protection services for Fortune 1000 companies and their brand strategy partners. The company’s market currently focuses on North America, with plans to expand to Australia and New Zealand in 2015. The company also provides contact center voice technology strategy services, with the end goal of better caller experiences while maintaining tight controls on voice technology costs.

Here is a short video of Marcus discussing the importance of protecting your brand equity in your voice channel.

We invite you to learn more about GM Voices by visiting GM Voices’ Website