World’s First Automated IVR Discovery & Documentation Software

Cyara announced the launch of Cyara Crawler , the world’s first automated software that explores, maps and documents interactive voice response (IVR) applications and creates Cyara test cases. Cyara Crawler replaces manually-intensive processes with automation and slashes time and cost to bring new customer experience (CX) capability to the market. Crawler’s functionality is particularly significant given the frequent need to make changes to IVR applications to improve the customer experience.

Cyara Crawler is cloud-based, technology-agnostic and non-intrusive. It works by placing synthetic calls to existing IVRs to reverse engineer the call flows. Crawler’s automation will revolutionize the global contact center industry by replacing inaccurate or out-of-date documentation with accurate, as-built documentation and eliminating the bulk of the manual effort for writing test cases.

Before Crawler, making changes to IVR applications has been risky and time consuming, especially if the IVR is not fully documented, or the documentation is inaccurate or out of date. Companies have had to manually explore the paths and options in an IVR application, or simply make changes and hope for the best. Migrating or making changes to legacy IVRs has been all but impossible due to the high risk of modifying an IVR without knowing how the IVR was designed. As companies merge or change vendors, Crawler’s automated discovery capability will also make it possible to safely migrate or upgrade legacy IVRs.

“Launching Cyara Crawler, an automated and intelligent cloud-based solution, is a game changer for the global contact center industry as it will replace around 90 percent of the manual processes,” said Alok Kulkarni, Cyara CEO and Founder. “The ability to rapidly and continuously innovate to provide an exceptional customer experience is critical in today’s omni-channel world. Crawler will transform a company’s ability to improve its customer experience more effectively and with agility.”

Key features of Cyara Crawler include:

  • Automates discovery of IVR call flows

  • Eliminates 90 percent of manual test creation

  • Automates documentation of IVR applications

  • Uses sophisticated speech-to-text technology

  • Constantly updates scripts to ensure forward agility

  • Ability to begin crawls at any point

  • Replaces incomplete/inaccurate documentation

  • Creates a graphical interactive map of call flows

  • Built on the robust Cyara Platform

Cyara was founded in Australia in 2006 to help its clients rapidly innovate CX and achieve better outcomes. Cyara’s automated CX testing and monitoring dramatically reduces the cost of developing and reliably delivering an optimal customer experience. It has rapidly built a reputation within the global contact center industry as a true innovator. Cyara’s customers include over 100 of the most well-known brands in the world, including Google, Tesla, FirstData, USAA, Barclays, EDF, Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon, ING, ANZ, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. Typically Cyara customers innovate 40 to 70 percent faster than their peers, and reduce the time and expense for testing their software by a third or more compared to manual testing, while providing better test coverage to identify and correct issues.